Survivors of Domestic Violence


Who we were and where we are today

This website is a place for support to women and men who are survivors of domestic violence.

To distinguish between Victim and Survivor this author notes the following:

Victim– Someone who is in the middle of a tragedy and does not know which way to turn. This can be a person who is still with an abuser or someone who is out but still not sure if they should stay away. The victim is caught up in an emotional turmoil AND paralyzed with fear, is unable or uncertain about their choices. This emotional turmoil can be mental health issues with an onset either pre-perpetrator, during and/or post-abuser. It can also include chemical dependency (thus dual diagnosis), financial insecurity, and the welfare of their children. If you are a victim of Domestic Violence and need help please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline or call toll free (24 hours) 1-800-799-7233 or TTY 1−800−787−3224.  If you are outside of the US please try googling for a hotline or organization in your country.

PLEASE NOTE THAT INTERNET USAGE CAN BE MONITORED AND CAN BE VERY DIFFICULT TO CLEAR COMPLETELY.  If you are currently a victim of domestic violence please make a call today to an organization that can help you and get you to safety.

Survivor – Someone who has made a clear and conscious choice that has taken them past their circumstance of tragedy. This person is no longer concerned with whether to stay or go as they have been able to see past their current situation and recognize there is hope for a better life. The survivor is a state of consciousness that not all victims will be able to attain, yet it is always possible. This is why we distinguish between the two, to give the victim a status to look forward to, something to accomplish.

Support – It is important that you have support in the process of being a survivor. This could involve a Counselor/Therapist, Battered Women’s Shelter, (The best way to find a shelter near you is to google ‘battered women’s shelter’ and the area in which you live) a case worker and/or a Spiritual Practitioner. It is important that you don’t go at this alone. But then a survivor would not, because this is how you become a survivor.

Domestic Violence is not prejudiced nor are the roles irreversible. Men and women can be batterers just as both sexes can be victims and ultimately survivors. Violence is found in all races, religions, and cultures, as well as sexual preference. This site does not generalize and all peoples are welcome regardless of background, as long as you are not the batterer.

Here is some more useful help and info on domestic violence and what to do if you are currently a victim of this

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“That which does not destroy us can only make us stronger.” Nietzsche